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Intercept Music Subscription with Concierge Service

Intercept Music Subscription with Initial Concierge Setup Service

* * Includes everything in our regular subscription plus: * *
Upload and setup of all your content
One of our social medial marketing experts will upload and set up your creative content, including releases and tracks, images, cover art, and videos (up to 50 items).
Complete first month posting schedule
A complete, one month, customized posting schedule will be created for you that you can repeat or change for future months.
Includes 250-300 scheduled Twitter posts
250-300 scheduled Twitter posts are designed around your music and other categories to engage your fans, including musician friends, human interest stories, favorite videos, recording stories, your performance schedule, merchandise for sale, and your favorite charity.
Connection to Twitter Influencers & DJs
We will connect you to Twitter influencers and Internet DJs for your music genre, with 5,000 to 1 million followers each.
Connection to Facebook Groups
We will connect you to Facebook groups whose members like your genre of music, with 5,000 to 400,000 members each.
Conference with one of our social media marketing experts
You will consult with one of our social media marketing experts to review your posts, post text, and your first month's posting schedule.
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Product Price Amount
Intercept Music Subscription with Concierge Service*3 month minimum commitment $49.95/mo* $49.95
$300.00 initial Concierge Service $300.00 $300.00
Total $349.95