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We are culture catalysts. Intercept provides new power tools to distribute your music directly to the masses and major streaming platforms. A superior suite of products designed to arm, issue, and accelerate your creative advancement, Intercept is your partner in artistic proclamation.

  Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Proper education leads to constant elevation. Intercept equals empowerment.  

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Content Crusaders

Captivate global audiences all from the comfort of your own dynamic dashboard. Intercept rewards artists and labels monthly revenue payments—access royalty earnings in real time with no hidden fees and 100% artist-maintained ownership.

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Artistic Anarchists
  • Distribute the music you drop
  • Digest the data
  • Procure the playlists
  • Share your sound
  • Get paid
Royalty Reformers

Keep 100% of your Rights + Masters: From the boombox to your beats.

Commandeer your career.

We are a collective of creative crusaders on a mission to empower independents. Musical militants who aim to unchain artists from antiquated industries stuck in the past. Intercept unshackles monetization opportunities with leading digital music aggregators and empowers through effective analytics.