Intercept Music
The artist's answer to the social media time-suck

  • There is a direct connection between social media and music
  • Social media is one of the best ways to promote your creations
  • It takes time and discipline to consistently make 7-14 posts, day after day
  • It's hard to know what's working and what's wasting your time

Intercept Music is an artist-focused suite of do-it-yourself social media marketing tools. With a sophisticated posting engine, scheduling, reporting dashboard, and fan-building tools for major platforms including Twitter and Facebook, artists can automate their social media exchanges. Our powerful set of software tools, available as a monthly subscription, empowers musicians to build their fan bases in less time, while having more freedom to create their art.

Intercept Music - The Artist's Answer

Through a sophisticated scheduling and posting engine, Intercept Music takes the time and drudgery out of posting and lets technology do the work.

With our service, you manage all your content in one place and make all the parts (images, videos, posts) reusable. You can quickly stage all your posts for the next month or more so you focus on what really matters – your music.

Intercept Music - We grow your fan base and keep you in the social media spotlight

With Intercept Music, you'll reach hundreds of thousands of new potential fans. Not only do we automatically post to your existing fans and followers, we provide new Facebook groups to join and Twitter DJs & influencers to follow for your genre, so you're constantly expanding your audience.

  • Schedule and automatically post to your fans and followers
  • We help you find new fans and music influencers in your genre
  • Stay connected to your fans with frequent automated posts that stand out

You'll love us because we make you money

Every new visitor to a post can be linked to a specific release or track. Automatically include links in your posts that point fans to your favorite distributor - Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, or a consolidator like smartURL, and watch streaming and sales climb.

Track your posts and visitors on your Intercept Music Dashboard from any web-enabled device to watch your audiences grow every day.

Intercept Music

The Artist's Answer to Social Media Growth

Get new fans, save time and get back to your music.

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