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Flex your label

Flex your label We put everything an indie label needs in one place. By consolidating distribution, social media content publishing, marketing services, and merchandising, it's easy to manage and promote your artist roster. Access and monitor critical details from your dashboard and make informed decisions.

Label Dashboard

The Label Dashboard gives you a snapshot view of your distribution and marketing activities. Interactive graphs and regional heat maps deliver immediate insight into streaming and download trends, and report monthly streaming and download revenue.

Label Dashboard

Ranked Activity View ranked daily and monthly streaming and download activity for all of your artists, or filter by individual artist

Regional Heat Maps View regional heat map of daily and monthly streaming activity for all artists, or filter by individual artist

Monthly Revenue View monthly streaming and download revenue ranked by artist or aggregated to your label

Artist Management

Manage artist accounts with their releases, social media marketing, and merch for your entire roster under one login. Easily view details of each artist or band. Manage each account exclusively or grant user access to individual accounts. 'Impersonate' accounts to access full control without additional credentials

Artist Management

Account Account information, artist and manager contact details, and merch store link

Distributed Releases Smart links, UPC and ISRC codes, and details about distributed music

Social Marketing Connected profiles and interactive social media engagement reports

Daily Activity Streaming and download graphs filtered by artist and time-frame, and heat maps by region

Monthly Activity & Sales Streaming and download graphs for digital sales revenue filtered by artist and timeframe

Notes Internal artist notes for label visibility only

Rise above the noise with Intercept Music's label platform

Introduce your label and we'll schedule some time to discuss how Intercept Music can help you and your artists rise above the noise. This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and lay out the details.

Label Program Requirements


The Intercept Music Label Program is by invitation only


We recommend that labels have a minimum of 3 artists


Ideal artists have a minimum social audience of 5k followers


Ideal artists have a minimum of 10k monthly Spotify listeners