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Independent Creativity Simplified

Intercept provides everything an indie label needs in one convenient place. By consolidating distribution, social media content publishing, marketing services, and merchandising, it's easy to manage the promotion of your artist roster. Access and monitor critical details from your dashboard and make informed decisions. Supportive. Intuitive. Streamlined.

Label Dashboard

The Label Dashboard gives you a snapshot view of your distribution and marketing activities. Interactive graphs and regional heat maps deliver immediate insight into streaming and download trends and report monthly streaming and download revenue.

Simple. Consolidated. Organized.

Label Dashboard

Ranked Activity
View ranked daily and monthly streaming and download activity for all of your artists, or filter by individual artist

Regional Heat Maps
View regional heat map of daily and monthly streaming activity for all artists, or filter by individual artist

Monthly Revenue
View monthly streaming and download revenue ranked by artist or aggregated to your label

Artist Oversight

Manage artist accounts with their releases, social media marketing, and merch for your entire roster under one login. Easily view details of each artist or band. Manage each account exclusively or grant user access to individual accounts. 'Impersonate' accounts to access full control without additional credentials.

Advertise. Customize. Stream.

Distro on Steroids

  • Major label distro through Virgin Music Group
  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Music Choice
  • Sirius XM
  • Free smart links
  • Free UPC and ISRC codes
  • Daily stream trends

Marketing on Autopilot

  • Access all major social media
  • Schedule multi-platform social media posts
  • Major label marketing including:
    • Playlist pitching
    • Press releases
    • Major city billboards
    • Ad campaigns

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • Monthly royalty and downloads
  • New merch for every new release
  • Monthly store profits
  • Mechanical licensing
  • Automatic sales tax report filing for merch

Major Label Services

Our labels and their artists benefit from a comprehensive array of services typically reserved for major labels. This full suite encompasses global distribution, advanced marketing strategies, and in-depth artist management tools.

  • Unlimited music distro and payouts
  • Distro to 230+ regions, 80+ services, including TikTok and Instagram stories
  • Complete merch store setup with artist profile, music and merchandise
  • Branded merchandise for your artist's stores
  • New merch with each new release
  • No merch inventory to buy
  • Unlimited support from your dedicated rep
  • Help desk with real people who understand music
  • Playlist placement
  • Ad campaigns
  • Major city billboards
  • Music reviews
  • Press releases
  • Physical CD/vinyl placement
  • Radio stations
  • Graphic services
Iron Gate Records

Intercept helped me build my label on top of their trusted services of best practices. This keeps me organized, nothing is slipping through the cracks, and my artists are happy. I've added 12 artists in the last year alone. The Intercept case study got me interested, so I added one artist to give it a try. Now every artist is on Intercept. Intercept let me add artists as their new releases came out, so it was an easy transition too.

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