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Branded Merch

Branded Merch Capture lost revenue with an online store stocked with custom branded merch. We build custom branded merchandise stores for artists and labels and use print-on-demand services to maximize profitability. New merch is added with each release.

Merch Stores

We build a fully operating online store for each of your artists, with global product availability and shipping. There is no inventory to stock and there are no upfront inventory costs.

Up and Running Fast Your store launches with an initial set of 6-8 custom branded items from an extensive portfolio of product options.

Payments, Shipping, Tax
Intercept Music manages your sales and shipping, collects payments, and collects and files all state sales taxes.

Product Design
We can use your pre-existing logos and artwork, or help you with new designs for your custom products.

01. Artist Bio and Links
Artist Profile

Customizable Control store's appearance by editing details directly from the Intercept Music Dashboard.

Profile Photo Update the artist or band profile photo any time to keep things fresh.

Social Media Links Provide direct links to your artist's social media pages and other sites of interest.

02. Promote Your Latest Releases

Instant Access New music is automatically added to your store so fans have instant access to your latest releases.

Selectively Promote Control which releases are promoted in your store. Display up to 16 releases of your choice.

Smart Links Links to major music services enable visitors to easily pre-save, play, download, or buy your music.

03. Custom Branded Merch

Your Brand
Print-on-demand merch is designed around your brand, to reflect your unique style.

Fresh Merch We work with you to create an additional set of custom branded merch with every new music release.

Variety Each product is available in a full range of sizes and variety of colors or styles.

Rise above the noise with Intercept Music's label platform

Introduce your label and we'll schedule some time to discuss how Intercept Music can help you and your artists rise above the noise. This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and lay out the details.

Label Program Requirements


The Intercept Music Label Program is for indie labels and their artists


We recommend that labels have a minimum of 3 artists


Ideal artists have a minimum social audience of 5k followers


Ideal artists have a minimum of 10k monthly Spotify listeners