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Marketing Services

Marketing Services Enhance your marketing with our curated list of additional services. Promote your music across channels to gain followers and grow your fan base. Social posts, press releases, playlists, ad campaigns, and billboards are some of the tools you'll need to pump up the volume.

Playlist Placement

Drive Streaming 90% of streams come from playlists. We help you get there.

Enhanced Playlist Services

Improve Your Placement Extend the time you're on a playlist, or push your music to the top of the list.

Music Reviews

Feedback You Can Share Get 200 comments from people who love your music genre. share them across social media. Great 3rd party validation.

Press Releases

Spread the Word Announce new music to major trade publications and news outlets across the country. Then post your release to your fans.

Physical CD/Vinyl

Audiophiles Get your music in brick and mortar stores like Barnes & Noble, and online at Amazon.


Sky High Advertising Put your cover art on a 20'x30' billboard in New York's Times Square, in front of 300,000 people for the day.

Ad Campaigns

Amplify Your Reach Promote your music and merch across in social media and Google

Celebrity Shout-Outs

Make Some Noise High profile artists or influencers will introduce you to their fans to increase your cred.

Rise above the noise with Intercept Music's label platform

Introduce your label and we'll schedule some time to discuss how Intercept Music can help you and your artists rise above the noise. This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and lay out the details.

Label Program Requirements


The Intercept Music Label Program is by invitation only


We recommend that labels have a minimum of 3 artists


Ideal artists have a minimum social audience of 5k followers


Ideal artists have a minimum of 10k monthly Spotify listeners