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We help independent artists build their careers. With Intercept Music, you can promote your music, merchandise, and performances through social media; gain exposure to millions of new fans; and even get guidance on every aspect of your music through our network of partners, brand ambassadors, and advisors. Wherever you are on your journey, from first track to national tours, we can help you get to the next level - and beyond.

Intercept Music is mobile friendly, allowing you to keep connected on the go, from tablet or phone. Support for multiple languages is included. We have multiple marketing plans, from do-it-yourself to fully managed services run by marketing professionals.

Stay Connected to Your Fans

  • Get organized — Manage all your photos, videos, music, and performance schedules in one place
  • Make more posts — Our scheduler streamlines posting so you can easily set up a month or more at a time
  • Make better posts — Using our special Billboards with double the text, posts really stand out and get better response
  • Energize your fans — Using our recommended posting strategies, fans get to know you from your music, recording stories, favorite artists, charities and news you share

Grow Your Fan Base

  • Make hands-free posts to nurture your existing fans and followers
  • Find potential new fans who like music like yours:
    • Built-in Twitter influencers and DJ's to follow to showcase your music
    • Built-in Facebook groups to join & expand your reach
  • Share directly to large FaceBook groups and reach thousands of group members
  • Automatically add new followers to a retargeting audience for future ad campaigns with huge savings

Track Results and Measure Performance

Our platform includes a full-featured dashboard for real-time social media stats including:

  • Delivered Posts
  • Visitor Clicks
  • Audience Growth
  • Release, track, and billboard click-tracking
  • Twitter Analytics

Special Features

  • Create Billboards which you can reuse in your posts
  • Billboards produce Twitter Card posts with an image and additional text
  • Shared Facebook posts include a save button - fans can keep your music in playlists right inside of Facebook
  • View and edit scheduled posts directly from your calendar

Introduction Video

Welcome to Intercept Music. If you are an independent artist, you are our customer. We work with artists at every stage in their career, from new artists who understand social media but don't know the music business, to music veterans of every genre who have no social media presence at all. We empower independent artists to take charge of their careers and their use to social media.

Social media is a must have for every artist. More than 700 million use it to find new music. To rise above the noise level of 12 million other artists vying for a new fan, you have to be smart, organized and have a system to help you make the many posts a day it takes and get your message out. Otherwise there's no time left for your music.

Show the world what you can do, no strings attached.
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