Intercept Music provides you with a comprehensive set of marketing and distribution tools specifically designed for the needs of artists and bands. Grow your fan base and connect with your fans easily and consistently with our online services. Intercept Music is mobile friendly, allowing you to keep connected on the go, from tablet or phone. Support for multiple languages is included.

Stay Connected to Your Fans

  • Post to Twitter and Facebook via Twitter sharing
  • Schedule and edit scheduled posts, days or weeks in advance
  • Share text, images, YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Create, edit, and share Interactive Billboards
  • Reuse all assets for streamlined future posts

Grow Your Fan Base

We help you reach hundreds of thousands of new potential fans. Not only do we automatically post to your existing fans and followers, we provide new Facebook groups to join and Twitter DJs and influencers to follow for your genre, so you're constantly expanding your audience:

  • Find new fans and build audiences
  • Get recommended Facebook groups to join and share
  • Get Twitter DJs and on-air personalities to follow
  • Automate posts to Facebook via Twitter, so you can share them to thousands of group members

Track Results and Measure Performance

Our platform includes a full-featured dashboard for real-time social media stats including:

  • Delivered Posts
  • Visitor Clicks
  • Audience Growth
  • Track engagement by release, track, and billboard

Special Features

  • Create Billboards which you can reuse in your posts
  • Billboards produce Twitter Card posts with an image and additional text
  • Shared Facebook posts include a save button - fans can keep your music in playlists right inside of Facebook
  • View and edit scheduled posts directly from your calendar
Intercept Music

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