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We get you!

We get you! We know what your artists put into their music, and what it takes to create success. We put distribution, marketing, and monetization in one place, so it's easy to manage your music business. Use individual services as you need them, or use the whole suite.

Social Media Marketing

Once music is created, marketing becomes the key to success. Marketing builds fans who stream, buy merch, and purchase tickets to shows. You need solid marketing plan to rise above the noise. Spotify gets 4,000 new songs per hour. That’s your competition.

Artist Management From our social dashboard, manage each artist's content library of pictures, videos, hashtags, recording stories, music reviews and press releases.

Data Feeds Use our data feeds to automatically keep in touch with each artist's fans about genre news, hobbies, charities, and causes.

Campaigns Use our pre-built campaigns for events like new music, upcoming gigs and tours, awards, reviews, videos and special events.

Global Distribution

We distribute through Ingrooves, Universal Music Group's own global distribution company. Releases are distributed to 80+ service providers in 230+ countries. Once your music is out, use our marketing to promote your releases — simple.

Global Distribute your music globally with total control over countries, territories, and 80+ music services.

All The Extras Get all the extras including automatic UPC and ISRC codes, pre-save and music links, US mechanical licenses.

Data Transparency Access complete detail by release and track, service and country, with earnings for each. Download your data to Excel.

Merch Stores

Merch sales are one of the most important revenue streams. We create a branded online store for each of your artists and add merch with each new release. Every product is designed in collaboration with you and your artists. We manage your stores and help you promote them.

Hands-Free Management We design all merch, manage vendor payments, collect and pay sales tax, and send you commission checks.

Automatic Promotion Use our social marketing engine with recommended posts and add an optional ad campaign to promote merch to fans.

Take It on the Road When you're performing, buy your merch at cost and take it with you or share a QR code at the event and send fans to your store.

Full Suite of Online Tools

We know music professionals are busy and always on the go. That's why our platform is designed to fit in the palm of your hand. Upload and distribute music, check your social stats, track merch sales, or watch your streams grow -- all from your mobile browser.

Social Dashboard Artists can stay in touch with their fans, and read and respond to Twitter and Facebook direct messages from the Intercept dashboard.

Content Libraries Content libraries for pictures, hashtags, merchandise, press releases, reviews, and videos keep creatives organized.

Fresh Content Keep content libraries fresh by easily uploading creatives straight from your mobile device.

Transparent Data Reporting

Watch as artist fanbases explode. Daily and monthly reports on streaming, downloads, and marketing will help fine-tune your efforts to engage fans. Tweet, post, and stream the smart way by learning what content and merch resonates with each audience.

Dashboard Graphs Follow daily streaming graphs from the big six DSPs and full monthly reporting from 230 countries around the world.

Regional Heat Maps Compare tracks and their performance by country, and see how marketing campaigns affect streaming.

Automated Reporting Review all social media performance from every platform in one place. Receive weekly and monthly emailed reports.

Rise above the noise with Intercept Music's label platform

Introduce your label and we'll schedule some time to discuss how Intercept Music can help you and your artists rise above the noise. This is where we sit down, grab a cup of coffee and lay out the details.

Label Program Requirements


The Intercept Music Label Program is for indie labels and their artists


We recommend that labels have a minimum of 3 artists


Ideal artists have a minimum social audience of 5k followers


Ideal artists have a minimum of 10k monthly Spotify listeners