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Our Story

Our Story Our music team has helped artists earn over 100 Grammys and hundreds of other awards. Our tech team has decades of experience and a dozen software patents for technology built into products like Skype. Together, we have teamed up to build a home for independent artists and bands.

After you’ve created your music with the help of band members, songwriters, engineers, producers, and graphic artists, you need to master social media marketing, distribution, playlists, press releases, reviews, online advertising, licensing, and merchandising.

This can be overwhelming, and many artists settle for doing only a few of the things that they need to break out. Our goal is to change this paradigm. All the technologies an artist needs to distribute and market their craft should exist in one place. We believe in leveraging technology to do the majority of the work to keep it simple.

The music industry is a fragmented marketplace. Many services must come together for your success. If you have a label backing you, that’s easy. The label does everything, and you focus on your music in exchange for a big chunk of profit. However, if you're on your own the learning curve is steep.

Our software and services are built on proven processes utilized by established acts and key industry leaders. They will continue to evolve as the music industry does. Intercept Music is an unbeatable suite of artist-focused services backed by people responsible for millions of dollars in record sales.

Intercept Music is here for you!