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Intercept provides the tools and knowledge you need to both distribute and promote your music directly to your audience and major streaming platforms. We offer a suite of products designed to help you forge your own path, your own way. View constantly updated insights and captivate global audiences all from the comfort of your own dynamic dashboard. Intercept is your partner in artistic freedom.

  Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard. Proper education leads to constant elevation. Intercept equals empowerment.  

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Do Things Your Way.
  • Distribute your music.
  • See updated insights on your dashboard.
  • Get your music on popular playlists.
  • Launch ad campaigns unique to you.
  • Access royalty earnings in real time.
Your Music. Your Money.

Keep 100% of your Rights + Masters. Get monthly revenue payments with no hidden fees.

Create your own path.

We are a collective of diverse creators on a mission to support and empower independent artists. Our goal is to provide the space for artists and indie labels to work outside of the mainstream music industry. Intercept provides easy access to monetization opportunities through top streaming platforms and empowers creators to control their own music through continually updated analytics.