Intercept Music is a digital marketing platform created for Artists & Bands.

Intercept Music was crafted by the hands of artists based upon what actually works for them in digital marketing and social media. We’ve interviewed artists at both ends of the spectrum, from 500 followers to 5 million, and Intercept Music is the result. From ease of scheduling to sophisticated marketing audiences, it’s all built in. Intercept Music is the only platform that tracks social media response right down to the individual tracks - so you know exactly what message and image work best with each creation.

It’s not enough anymore to occasionally post and share music to your friends. Today you need to tell a story with a whole system of integrated posts, across multiple networks, to find new people, build audiences into more fans, and help them stream your music and buy your merchandise. You need to promote your performance calendar, regularly connect with your fans, and track how what you do relates to their interest in releases, tracks, merchandise and performances. And, you need creative ways to reach these people. That’s what we do.

Intercept Music is a specially developed version of our Intercept Marketing platform, the award winning marketing automation software we offer to thousands of small businesses around the world.

We've been writing software for high volume applications for many years. For Intercept Music, our team has worked closely with the founders of Digital Music Universe , many of whom are legends in the music business, and multiple successful artists, to bring you the best in a marketing tool for artists.