Our Story - Intercept Music

A Tech Company, with the Soul of an Artist

Intercept Music brings together a package of services that are specifically created for recording artists, by recording artists and music industry legends.

Our company is built on proven, bullet-proof software, in use by thousands of businesses around the world. The musical soul comes from our co-founder, who also founded Digital Music Universe, as well as a full slate of advisors with literally hundreds of years of collective experience in the music industry. Beyond that, we interviewed everyone, from musicians with 500 followers to established acts with a following of millions, to assess the needs of musicians right now.

The result: Intercept Music, an unbeatable suite of artist-focused services from people responsible for billions of dollars in record sales.

Now, for the first time, you have all the tools you need to market your music, promote shows, build your audience and sell merchandise. All online, all through social media, and with complete reporting to track fan response, down to individual tracks.

The cornerstone of our product offering is our social media scheduling system. The days of occasional posts sharing your music to family and friends are over. Today, you need a sophisticated scheduling system that integrates your posts across multiple social networks, to find new audiences, develop more fans, and have them sample and buy your music. We offer all of this, and more.

To satisfy the fan demand you’re building, your music has to be available anywhere, any time. That’s why we provide global distribution for all of your music, free with your subscription, through our partner Ingrooves, the largest online music distribution company in the world. They deliver more than 50 billion transactions each week, across 150 countries, with total transparency and accurate reporting on earnings and fan demographics.

Intercept Music is here for you.

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