Plans - Intercept Music

Distribution Only

+ one-time $19.95 Setup fee
  • Unlimited music distribution with no hidden fees. Keep 100% of your earned revenue and rights.
  • FOCUS: distribution only
  • Easy upload of music and cover art, and entry of metadata
  • Distribute to 165 countries, every major music service
  • Keep 100% of your royalties
  • Complete detail on 1,000+ streaming payment sources
  • Monthly earnings reports including track by track analysis
  • Global geographic reports with sales and streams by track and country
  • Automatic UPC and ISRC codes
  • Automatic U.S. mechanical licenses for cover music
  • Unlimited track and album distribution
  • Free account to target your fans to ALL music sites at the same time
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Emerging Artist

+ one-time $300 Concierge setup fee
  • Artists & bands with music out, some social presence, and other media content like photos and videos belong here. We set it up and you manage it.
  • FOCUS: streaming revenue, social media growth, revenue enhancement
  • Distribution
  • Regular distribution, plus:
  • Instagram Stories & TikTok
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Automated and scheduled single-point posting
  • Single point response for all direct messages
  • Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Custom Content Libraries - pics and cover art, videos, etc.
  • Reports
  • Daily & monthly sales reports by streaming service and track
  • Weekly & monthly emailed social media marketing reports
  • Instant online reports for each social media channel
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  • * 3 Month Minimum

Intercept PLUS

Profit Partnership*
By Invitation Only
  • Requires experience touring or social media success to join this program. We do everything for you except booking, touring, radio, A&R, and artist development, but our partners can do that for you.
  • FOCUS: Streaming revenue, social media growth - Youtube, FB and Instagram advertising, merchandise
  • Distribution
  • Regular distribution, plus:
  • Instagram Stories & TikTok
  • Music Choice, Sirius XM, Pandora Radio
  • Free US mechanical licenses for cover music
  • Social Media Marketing
  • All social media features plus automated and scheduled single-posting, and weekly/monthly reports
  • Keyword tracking
  • Social media listening and Artist tracking
  • Enhanced Marketing & Revenue Generation
  • Storefront stocked with merchandise
  • Your brand on at least 7 items
  • 50% profit or more on most items
  • We pay vendors
  • We file state sales tax reports
  • YouTube Channel monetization
  • Commission splits for band members
  • Licensing - mechanical and synchronization
  • Ad campaigns for touring and music promotion
  • Physical store placement
  • CD production
  • *12 month minimum