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one-time setup service

Intercept music is a do-it-yourself marketing tool for artists and musicians. Once set up, it will only take you about 10 minutes a day and a couple hours each month to maintain. However, to achieve the most "human-like" automation, some initial setup is required to upload your content and create and schedule the 250-300 posts/month around the many different topics that you need to break through in social media. This typically take 5-6 hours to do if you are well organized.

If you’d prefer a turnkey solution where we do all the heavy lifting for you the first time, our Concierge Service is the answer. For a one-time fee, we will:

  1. Connect your Twitter account to Intercept Music
  2. Follow up to 100 curated Twitter influencers, DJs and music media people to find new directions for your music
  3. Optionally connect Twitter to your Facebook account
  4. Join your Facebook account to curated groups who enjoy your genre of music - reach thousands of new fans
  5. Set up all your creatives - pictures, videos, and music, and we’ll:
    • Upload up to 20 pictures
    • Set up 15 of your videos
    • Create at least 40 billboards to promote you and your music
    • Find and create 90 posts with links to your favorite human interest, charity, and general interest categories
    • Set up your release (up to 12 tracks)
  6. Create your first month's posting schedule - 250-300 (7-10/day) posts to Twitter around the following categories:
    • 60-70 posts for your music
    • 15 posts about your favorite charity
    • 15 posts about your musician friends
    • 30 posts on human interest stories
    • 30 general interest posts
    • 30 posts sharing your favorite videos
    • 30 posts of any recording-related stories
    • 30 posts on your upcoming performance schedule
    • 30 posts about merchandise and promotions

In addition to promoting streaming, upcoming performances, and merchandise, posts are also designed to build an audience for you. For all posts, we will:

  • Vary the category and frequency of your posts so they appear natural
  • Vary times of day, and post music when people are listening
  • Post other content around your music to keep fans engaged

When your schedule is ready, we’ll call you and spend about an hour helping you create your post text, and you’ll be done.

Save time - our social media marketing experts are here to help get you started.

Show the world what you can do, no strings attached.
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